Biala Getaways is a fantastic program where participants have the opportunity to go away on a holiday. Holidays can be as short as an overnight stay to a 7 night stay.

Biala Getaways first started in 2004 with a group of volunteers who decided to take a group of participants away for a week’s holiday to Hervey Bay Qld. While away they participated in whale watching, a trip to Fraser Island, also experienced a ride on a jet ski along with other activities.

The trip was a huge success and the following year, the amount of attendees had doubled, along with the amount of support staff, each volunteering their time. The trip was to Tangalooma Dolphin Resort on Moreton Island where a variety of activities were organised for our holiday venturers such as feeding the dolphins, quad bike rides, parasailing, sand tobogganing plus a lot more.

This program offers a holiday for people with a disability. It enables participants to enjoy trips away in a supportive environment. Costs for accommodation and transport are paid directly by the participant and then a NDIS component is agreed upon based on the individual’s support needs.

Biala organises at least 2 holidays each year as well as an odd weekend. If this you know someone who may want to attend, contact our Recreation Coordinator at Biala Support Services Ltd for more information.


Biala Support Services provides services for both children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. Biala has under its guidance the following branches:

Disability Services

In providing support to people with a disability we form a partnership with key people to ensure a service is tailored to the needs of the individual.

Special School

Biala Special School is an independent school providing services for students with a wide variety of impairment.


Would you like to show your support to adults and children with a disability? Get in touch with Biala Support Services.