Biala provides support to people with disabilities and their families and offers services to help live more independently and be a part of their community.

Biala can offer “In Home” or “Out of Home” support. Our Disability Services enable people with disability to live more independently in relation to the tasks of daily living, social/community supports and life skills. Our client support covers the Lismore, Byron Bay and Ballina region.


This support type can occur “In Home”, “Out of Home”, or “In the Community”.

Funding can be used to purchase indirect support such as therapy, aids, family breaks, etc.

This is a funding arrangement where Biala Support Services delivers support through its own workers on behalf of another agency. This will entail the use of a brokerage arrangement set up with other funding bodies such as Carer Respite Centre or other organisations. Brokered Client Support can be a short term, one off, respite or an ongoing support arrangement.

Biala’s Flexible Client Support service aims to help carers maintain their caring role by:

  • Offering time limited client support to carers so they can take some time out for themselves;
  • Being flexible in service planning and service delivery;
  • Employing suitably qualified staff to ensure peace of mind;
  • Making referrals where requested and/or identified;
  • Providing up to date advice and information on respite options for carers;
  • Forging and maintaining working relationships with regional Service Providers and Commonwealth Carer Respite Centres.


Biala’s day program is a centre-based program where participants enjoy a range of activities both in the centre and also community based.

This group based program runs 5 days per week and can include: Music and dancing programs, yoga and exercise, arts and crafts, BBQs and picnics, disco morning, funky fitness or tennis.


When you contact us, we will make an initial assessment and help you to develop your support plan.

The Service Manager will gather some preliminary information from you. This will include:

  • General information about you and your carer;
  • What you need and what you want to achieve;
  • Any other information such as likes/dislikes, any behavioural support that may be required, and any medication requirements.

This helps us determine how our service can best meet your needs.

Some of the supports you can choose are:

  • Personal care – showering, shaving etc.;
  • Social Support – to attend activities and outings;
  • Learning new skills – safety, life skills such as cooking, dressing, finances;
  • Recreation/interest – beach walks, photography, art;
  • Respite for family – Melaleuca House, weekends away;
  • Therapy support – Speech, physio, OT;
  • Family and relationships – birds and bees, meeting new friends etc.;
  • Work/day occupation – TAFE, community participation, volunteering etc.;
  • Accommodation – moving out of home etc.

All of Biala’s NDIS service fees will be discussed at the time of enquiry. Service user’s funding covers staff support, transport, coordination and planning. Any expenses relating to the program cost need to be paid for. (i.e. costs can range from RDA, to movie tickets, to lunches, to admission fees etc.)

For more information please contact us on 6686 4763 during business hours. Or you can email your enquiry through to and we will get back to you.


Biala Support Services provide services for both children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. Biala has under its guidance the following branches:

Special School

Biala Special School is an independent school providing services for students with a wide variety of disabilities.


Biala Getaways is a fantastic program where participants have the opportunity to go away on a holiday. Holidays can be as short as an overnight stay to a 7 night stay.


Would you like to show your support to adults and children with a disability? Get in touch with Biala Support Services.